Dr. Joe Dispenza once asked the audience in his seminar, “How many of you believe in the idea that your thoughts create your reality?” Many hands were raised. “How many of you, today, consciously thought and had a clear vision of your future?” Many hands came down.

Why does this matter to you, and me?
Human beings, many neuroscientists believe, have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts every day, on average. Ninety percent of those thoughts are about the same thing as they were the day before, Dispenza says. This means, the majority of people live the same life, day in and day out.

This matters because if you’d love to create a life you dream to live and enjoy, you must consciously create and focus your thoughts on that life. Without a clearly defined blueprint, you cannot build your dream. Just like you must have a clear blueprint if you want to build a house, the same is true with your dream.

This morning, while still in bed, I noticed a debate in my mind about going to Washington in June, which I’ve never been, or to an event in Wyoming I’ve been wanting to attend. When I realized, I had spent 15 minutes lingering in bed, going back and forth between the two places. I was weighing the pros and cons. Procrastination is, actually, a decision that creates stagnancy. I then asked a shifting question, “Which one feels more life-giving to me?”

Here’s my invitation to you … experiment with this – just for one day.

Notice your thoughts. Notice your feelings, the decisions you make, and the actions you take throughout the day. Just notice and take notes for one day. Then in the evening, recall what transpired. If you don’t like the results, don’t despair, just decide to change your thoughts.

Have fun experimenting!