“You have to believe that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” ― Steve Jobs.


I have heard this question being asked, seriously and jokingly, related to a genie, a talking frog, or a magic wand. The main message is the same, and before you continue reading this blogpost, I invite you to consider asking this question with the understanding that anything you ask will come to fruition. “What would you truly love to have in your life?” Be specific. Then close your eyes for a moment and vividly describe it, imagine that life. Allow yourself to feel it, to live it, right now in your mind. When you open your eyes, ask the second question, “Do I believe this life is possible for me?” Be honest with your answer, no one is listening but you.

Apparently, most people don’t. Why?

When I first became aware of this, why was the question I asked. I now know this was the wrong follow-up question to ask. The question why insinuates curiosity, which is good. The downside for me was it led me into reading, researching, studying, analyzing the matter. I did gain a plethora of information, but I didn’t embody it fully because I didn’t experiment with it. It stayed as valuable knowledge, no implementation. The knowledge then diminished. When I committed to the calling as a life coach, chose to get involved in mentoring, group-coaching young minds, and private coaching creative entrepreneurs, I decided to be a student in my own class, experimenting and using my life as the subject in the laboratory of life. And a quantum jump occurred.

Twenty years ago, I met my husband through what facts and common-hour thinking considered impossible. I was living in the tropics, he was in tropical Minnesota, in a considerably small city compared to a 10-million plus densely populated city I lived in. A year prior to our paths crossing, I (reluctantly) joined a life-development course that eventually brought me into the world of cyberspace dating. He wasn’t even part of the friendship I developed online. Our paths crossed one week after I stopped my membership and quit the dating platform. It’s too lengthy to elaborate on in this post how our story evolved. (If you’re curious, I’m open to entertain you over Zoom chat, and coffee/tea 😊). Steve Jobs said it well, that we can only connect the dots when we look back. It is challenging to connect the dots to the future. Evidence shows it, time and time again, that we can make it happen by believing in the possibility. If one seemingly impossible thing can turn into a reality, it is possible to happen again. The formula is here, we just need to be willing to use it. If inserting the letter X in between numbers multiplies the results, the same is possible in life.

The experience really piqued my interest. I became more inclined to experiment with my mind as it is the starting point of all results. I wanted to dig deeper into the world of seemingly accidental happenings. I was curious in bringing miraculous incidents into predictable occurrences in my own life, wanting to experience more of it. The word impossible starts to evolve into i m possible. And here I am.

Two days ago, as part of my continuing study and experiment in my life laboratory, I had the privilege to virtually sit at the feet of a brilliant man, Price Pritchett, as a courtesy of my mentor and teacher, Mary Morrissey. Pritchett is one of the foremost experts on fast-growth strategies and breakthrough performance. One of the talents he is recognized worldwide for is his pioneering thought leadership on organizational change. (Note the word change). He has written many books. The one I am studying now as a life coach is “You Squared”, published 26 years ago. His book talks about 15 elements of a quantum leap. We discussed three of those elements with the man himself last Thursday. They are: 1. Change your personal rules for success. 2. Quit trying harder. 3. Ignore conventional approaches. All three were the components of my meeting the man that eventually became my husband. I didn’t realize it then. I believed it, then I experienced it. Everything is possible.

I am now on a joyful mission with an inquisitive mind within my own life. Join me if you’re curious about bringing dreams into reality in your life. Implementation is key. Traveling alone is alright, it’s much more fulfilling and expansive when we travel together and learn from each other’s experience and experimentation. Reach out to me for a chat — https://ingemaskun.com/contact/ — I’ll share what steps you can decide on to open the floodgates into a life you’re inspired and love living.

Let’s begin …