Earlier this week, I received a wonderfully simple yet powerful lesson through a video, shared by a dear friend of mine. The reason it was a powerful one was because I gave myself a chance to watch it. I told myself to be open to embrace what might come.  In the past few months, I’ve become more aware of what happens to/with me, within me, and in my surrounding, after I made a decision such as this and told myself, “Be present and open, listen deeply with a loving heart.” Because of that, the impact of what I see, read, watch, and experience becomes so much more powerful for me. I become a believer in the fact that when I’m present and ready, what I absorb becomes phenomenally valuable to me. It dawned on me that when I was younger, when I felt rushed, agitated, frustrated, and stressed, it was because I wasn’t really embracing the present time, the moment.

I’m sure most of you have heard the term — living in the moment. I know I have heard that term. For the longest time, I understood what it means but I didn’t allow myself to experience it fully. Thus, it didn’t go deep within me.  It remained in my head, but I didn’t feel it in my heart and soul.  For instance, until 10 years ago I was not open to meditation. I couldn’t sit still and close my eyes. I felt it was a waste of time to be quiet and not do anything for 20-30 minutes. My brother once mentioned jokingly, “Inge thinks productivity equals movement. Prayer and meditation are the most productive action one can engage in, just by being silent.”  I didn’t get it then. I do now, and this only happens when I allow myself to be ready, to enter the moment with an open heart and soul. And more often than not, I take away phenomenal value regardless of how the process goes – good or bad, I still gain value from it.

In the past two weeks, I have experienced two things with opposite results. Here’s #1 – a dear friend, whom I’ve always been on the same wavelength with, recently didn’t see eye to eye with me on something we had always agreed on; the importance of passion and purpose.  She enrolled in my class, went through the first session (one out of four) with flying colors; excited, recharged, and looking forward to what she was going to implement.  And then three days afterward, she sent me a text and said, “I’d like to defer my participation in the class. The timing and/or the material doesn’t fit comfortably with me right now.’ You may guess, I was confused. I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘doesn’t fit comfortably’ because we were only on the first session, which she was embracing fully.  She wouldn’t have known what the rest of the content was.  I suggested that we visit over the phone so I could understand and support her.  During the conversation she insisted she didn’t see the point, why she needed to be in my class. I didn’t want to expound on it too much and decided to let her go, because I could hear and feel she had already made up her mind.  I was sad, especially knowing how great our working relationship and friendship had been.  All along during the phone conversation, I kept reminding myself to be as calm as I possible could and not to enroll into an argument with her. That helped me to move on with peace.  Sad, but not angry.

Here’s #2 – John Sealey, a dear friend of mine, and a Rapid Breakthrough Coach, shared a powerful 7-minute video that already showed some results in me when I implemented it. I encourage you to watch it and ride on the momentum, to put it to work.  I let John’s video speak for itself.


You may say, listening to an inspiring video is much easier than listening to someone who argues with you, or worse yet, rejects what you believe in. This may be true. The key importance in this lesson is that we get to choose how we want to respond.  The goal in these two different experiences was exactly the same — to be open and embrace what may come.  The result was both positive.  The degree is different, but it was positive, nonetheless. I am so grateful I am where I am now and able to embrace life’s powerful lesson from a different point of view. In the past, I tended to brush things off, especially when I thought, “Oooh, I know this. I’ve heard it before.” Sure enough, I didn’t get anything out of it because my arrogance got in the way.  Now, I can listen to the exact same thing, at a different time, with an open heart and soul. I’m learning something new and fresh as a result.  Try it to believe it. Be open and ready to receive.

I make it my mission now to promote and collaborate with people who have a supportive and positive energy. I believe, together, we can raise the energy and vibration of our surroundings to a higher level.  I realize I can’t do it alone, no matter how good and smart, confident and strong I am. I need my supportive and positive tribe, I need to vibrate among those with positive energy.  Let’s do this together, my friends. Let me know how John’s suggestion works with you.  It works wonder with me. Your mind is waiting for you to steer it toward a direction of success and breakthrough.

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