“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou


It just so happened, over the past couple of weeks, I received several emails asking for donations. There always seems to be a number of fund-raising activities going on. I was not a better version of myself recently. I was grumbling as I was punching my credit card numbers into the site which asked for a donation. And then I was aware of my own emotional well-being, I felt off as I noticed my thoughts. I stopped what I did and took a few comfortable breaths (my mentor taught me this technique). As I breathed, I asked myself, “What are you willing to create at this moment, Inge?” The words ‘cheerful giving’ showed up. I sat with them for a moment as I continued taking comfortable breaths; inhaling through my nose and exhaling through the mouth as if I were using a straw. Cheerful giving brought some images to my mind – my donation collaborating with other donations, moving in a stream, reaching the area, and people welcome it with joy. It brought a smile to my heart.

I thanked myself for noticing my thoughts, reminding me that my flow was then off-centered, and helping me shift into moments of cheerful giving. I was proud of myself, “Good job for noticing it, Inge.”

For most of my life, I was not like this. I was not in synch with abundance and prosperity. I was swimming with my negative mindset. Thus, I showed up in the real world like a shark; harsh and attacking. Through the evolution of self-development, I met and was fortunate to be mentored and coached by wonderful gurus. One of the teachings I hold close to myself and has reminded me to shift when I notice a misalignment within me is a saying, ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’. I hang on to this teaching and experiment with it often. I hear it in my mind when I wake up in the morning, to keep me aligned.

Here is the moral of the teaching.

When I tell myself I love abundance and prosperity, I feel joyful. (Try it: say the words a few times with your eyes closed, feel the vibration of these words in your body). I feel expanded imagining the possibilities I can do, create, have, give, enjoy, … What does abundance or prosperity look like? They come in different shapes, sounds, and forms, don’t they? Money is only one form of it. Yet sometimes, just like the example I shared above, I treat money inconsistently – between when I receive and when I give. In my case, when I want to use money for something, having enough in my bank account makes me feel all right, fine. When I do not have enough, I can feel distressed.

Everything boils down to choices, no matter how trivial or urgent or important something is. Once I make a choice, a decision, then I must flow with it wholeheartedly. I cannot give for the sake of being asked or feeling obligated. Worse yet, doing it without thinking, disgruntledly filling out the form to give. Sometimes with a thought in mind voicing, “Let’s get it over with.” Why feel disgruntled? I can choose not to give, and it is all right. Why give without joy? Not only it is not good for what it is for, it sends the wrong message and vibration to money. Money does not have intelligence; it does not know good from bad. It is, though, an expression of energy. How may it come abundantly to me when I am not flowing with joy when giving?  How may it pour into me when I am disgruntled when paying taxes?

Notice your thoughts about money. Ponder on it.

How we do one thing is how we do everything. Alignment is key. Want to expound on this issue? Let’s chat — https://ingemaskun.com/contact/