Hello, Sweet Soul … thank you for stopping in.

When I was a young, my grandfather shared this wonderful Chinese proverb with me. What a noble idea that was, I thought, paying forward something valuable.

I’d like to provide a space for us to gather and do just that. Here, at this wall and the comment area below.

Share your story with us; share something you observe, encounter, witness as you go about your day. Something from which you take away a valuable lesson that helps you grow and expand as a person. That story may brighten someone’s day, may help someone see things from a different point of view, may trigger a productive action … or, simply make someone smiles with joy.

If you feel you need some support to refuel your mind-body-and soul, if you need some boost after a hard day’s work, if you want a brief break from a project, you are most welcome as well. My hope is, you’ll walk away with a smile after browsing some inspiring stories posted here.

Let’s do this together. Let’s use this space as a productively loving, kind, and inspiring gathering zone.

My name is Inge Maskun, I’m your host here.
Let’s inspire others, or be inspired.