I had a great visit with my niece last week, who lives in Indonesia.

This year, she decided to take a motorcycle taxi to work every day – it’s more convenient to maneuver the traffic of a crowded city.

She had one struggle with her decision.

She had a slight panic attack every time she sat behind the driver. She witnessed a number of accidents on the streets of Jakarta, and she was worried it might happen to her.


Me – “Is that the truth for you?”

Niece – “No, but …”

Me – “Are you planning for it to happen?”

Niece – “Of course not, but …”


“Thoughts held in mind reproduce after their kind.” Charles Fillmore said.

I shared this wisdom with my niece. I encouraged her to say some affirmations every night before she goes to sleep and during the day as often as she can. “Every day, in every way, I am on a joyful, smooth, safe, ride to work and back to home. My driver is friendly, professional, and respectful.”

Three days into the experiment, she hopped on the motorcycle, then noticed when she arrived at work that she didn’t have the same fear that morning.


Curious about some tools to befriend your fear? Reach out, I am happy to help.