Someone asked a question to a group I belong to.

“I am looking to start a home-based business. What’s out there I can find that’s a good fit for me?” This is a challenging question to answer.


I celebrate those who are exploring the possibility of building a business from home.

When you go to the internet and search for a home-based business, there are plenty of options to choose from. How would you know which one is a good fit for you?


You can’t let the circumstances outside of you determine what you love. Search first through the infinite side of you by asking this question, “What are the things I love being, doing, sharing, having, …?” Once you know what’s life giving to you – the vision you love — you’ll attracts those that fit you. Decision-making will then be easier.


Curious about getting clarity on your vision? Reach out. I am here to help you get clarity.