When I was growing up, I heard from a number people, on different occasions, mention that in the Chinese language, the word danger (or crisis) had the same character as opportunity (or possibility). The citing was part of a true story that fascinated me. And I was intrigued by it.  In the past couple of weeks, since the world was stunned by what we experience as part of a global community, I have heard this mention again in a couple of stories relayed by those I know.  I was, again, fascinated.

Some who understand Chinese symbols and/or characters argue about the above explanation being accurate. For me, who doesn’t speak, write, or understand the characters, I embrace any story that inspires and strengthens my hope in humanity.  During the past two weeks, I noticed that in time of crisis and uncertainty, I often witness beauty sprouting and blooming.  People step up and do something.  Many candidly follow their gut and inner calling, and breakthroughs explode. I am truly grateful to witness these powerful moments. All kinds of creatures contribute to bring creativity, kindness, and hope to the surface.

  1. An army of volunteers from Spain, to Cuba, to the United States, and many other places are sewing masks for health-care workers, who courageously are in the fore front of this crisis to assist patients to recovery.
  2. From a nurse, to opera singers, to civilians, Italians broke the gripping silence by singing their hearts out from their windows and balconies to tell the world that social distancing has brought people closer together, emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Waters of the Venice canals in Italy have been transformed almost overnight. A local business-owner, as reported by the Guardian digital newspaper, whose hotel has a view of the Venice Lagoon said, that the water was blue and clear again. “It is calm like a pond, because there are no more waves caused by motorized boats transporting tourists. And of course, the giant cruise ships have disappeared.” Tiny fish, scuttling crabs and multi-colored plant-life have magically resurfaced – happily enjoying their playground again.
  4. YouTube videos are popping up every day, showing music collaborations of people from many places singing and jamming together. Popular songs’ lyrics are rearranged and adjusted to fit the moment. Some are inspiring, some are hilarious. All has one goal in mind, to bring a smile and some chuckles.
  5. Internetters around the world are busy sharing and making funny videos, prayers, healing meditations, uplifting poems, music, jokes, virtual hugs, and inspiring stories about heroes go viral.
  6. Zoom meetings are jamming the cyber space, showing how desperately families, friends, and communities are staying connected face-to-face.
  7. Corporations step up to turn their premises into makeshift hospitals, allowing their equipment and tools to produce things that are needed. Small and local businesses switch the machinery to make hand sanitizer and donating their heart, time, and energy for free.
  8. Families with young children creatively producing activities that get their children learning and playing, killing time indoors building knowledge, imagination, and values. And they all have a great time. Even residents at a senior home reinvented a classic game and having fun playing it. I love that creativity finds its stage around the world.
  9. A lady from Mississippi was singing through the rooftop of her VW car, driven by her boyfriend, around the neighborhood communities to lighten up people’s hearts. After a few attempts, people started coming out of their homes when they heard her pass by, standing on the front porch to dance and sing along. How cool was that?

Old buildings, mailboxes, little libraries, schools, unused fabrics, and many other things suddenly find their new purpose in life.

These actions have allowed us, humans, to exercise creative areas of our life we haven’t or hardly used before.  Just like our muscles, we’ll lose them if we don’t use them.  We became complacent daydreamers, going through life either like zombies or robots, busy doing instead of being. It takes the whole world to realize it.  We must have been so deep into a coma for so long that it takes a global crisis to wake us up, bring up the best in us, and shift our attention to implement global healing.  It is severely painful, but that’s the only way we will honor and value recovery and health, what we have and what we are here for on this planet. My hope is we take this whole experience to heart, be an active contributor to heal the world and bring Mother Nature back to health.

I’m sure your smartphones storage is filling up with heart-warming messages, videos, stories you have captured and experienced these past few weeks.  Please share the ones that warm your heart in the comment below.  Let the joy spread, let it go viral, and bring some smiles to the world around us – that’s the best medicine for the soul, we all need it right now.

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