“I now feel more secure and sure of my choices, which make my new outlook on the future glow. I’m waking up and having a positive start to my day. It helps me get a lot more done and I don’t feel like the days are just passing by. I now plant lots of positive flowers in my garden of life for my future.”

Amber Reinking – A gardender and farmer, Minnesota

Eddie Small

“I have always worked best from inspiration. It is when I have been moved the most in my work with children and families, going to college, despite my personal challenges. Your program is one I love. I recommend you push forward and make this available to all you attract. They can benefit highly from your work as I have. Thanks a whole heap. You have been quite helpful.”

Eddie Small – The Manifest Man, South Carolina

“I thought I knew what my passions were. I didn’t realize how I described them make a difference in how they manifested. This class helped me define what’s in my head into something more specifically resonated with me, in my heart. It’s absolutely priceless to take a class that can change your life. Thank you, Inge, for giving me directions on what’s possible for me.”

Barbara Tomlinson – Hiccups Kid Coaching, Pennsylvania

“There’s no Passion to be found playing small –
in settling for a life that is less than the one you’re capable of living.”

Nelson Mandela