The last two weeks, I was enriched mentally, emotionally and spiritually by profound experiences of two different women – one is of a dear friend of mine, the other is of a guest on my friend’s video podcast (vodcast).

First story.  Almost two months ago, while cruising my Facebook feed, I saw a post from a dear friend whom I haven’t seen for a few years. After a few texts, we agreed to meet for lunch. (We forgot to order because we became so engrossed catching up.  We sheepishly had to leave the café after two hours had passed, we each had to run to our next appointment).  At this long-overdue conversation, I learned that my friend has decided to switch paths from being a successful business coach for decades to becoming a health coach.  She has enrolled in a program and has so clear a vision and calling why she wants to do this. Her husband had an accident two years ago which had changed their lives.  Very few people knew about it.  Her husband, a successful businessman, who has been in his line of business for 40 years, can still function and do the work well.  He can do it with his eyes closed so no clients notice the difference. As a loving wife, my friend has to orchestrate his life behind the scene on a daily basis, so everything falls into place for him.  During this ordeal of creating a new normal for them, she realized there was no support available out there to help her, as a caregiver.  Even his doctors and the medical facility he was treated at agreed she might need to explore the path forward by herself. The last year and a half of experiences have solidified her decision that she needed to do something.  Right there and then, she found her new calling and purpose in life.

Second story.  Today, I was listening to a vodcast led by (another) dear friend of mine. She leads this vodcast every Friday at Noon (Central Standard Time, USA) on Facebook.  Her guest today was a cancer conqueror who had been knocked down a few times by cancer but has bounced back, every single time.  Each time she was knocked down, she said she had to do deep work on herself.  And each time, she has become freer.  She, too, is now a coach that helps guide and support other travelers in life through her personal stories.  She guides her clients through a compilation of questions and prayers that break through the tension in the mind, body, and soul and help open the door to healing. I’d encourage you to listen to Ms. Dorothty M. Ross’ vodcast “Step up to the Mic” on her Facebook group – MV Rocking Life on Purpose. Then find the one with Rita Massey.

Here are my two biggest takeaways from being with and listening to these stories.  I warn you; these will sound cliché.  First, yes – everything happens for a reason, because the Universe tailor-makes it especially for us. After all the sadness, the anger, the crying and the why-me, we all usually know the event has helped us tone new muscles, ones we’ve never used before.  We may have been complacent or daydreaming along our own familiar path that the Universe has to nudge and wake us up. We may be so comfortable where we are that we need a new challenge to help us grow bigger and deeper.  Second, every one of us gets this opportunity, but only those who listen and embrace the challenge with open hearts and souls will cross the bridge and enjoy a new and meaningful calling in life.  Unfortunately, some of us may focus too much on trying to get back up with anger instead of surrender.  And we lose sight of the valuable lesson.  Just like quicksand, the more we fight it, the deeper we get sucked into the deep hole.

Be tenacious and stand strong, yet channel this passion from a place of love, peace, and light.  Consider it a practice, you only get better as you find your way out.  Surrender to your own power and the Universe will align you with all the support you need to cross that bridge.  My friend has done it, Ms. Rita Massey has done it, and I have done it.  I’m sure, you will, too.

Embody the experiences with joy, because these will fuel you to move forward and continue living your inspired life. Then one day you look back, thank your younger selves for taking those bold steps to move onward and upward.  Be blessed, my friends!

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