A friend’s Facebook blog recently posted some intriguing questions — What do you call a friend? Are there some friends in your life that you can count on, or not? Interesting questions to ponder.

I had a friend from middle school who had been like a sister to me (I am sad to use the word “had” instead of “have”). Our friendship continued to grow even when we lived in different cities, and then different countries after we both got married. We could spend hours on the phone, catching up regularly. In 2010, she invited me, and paid for my round-trip airfare, to visit her for a month.  She just went through a challenging time in her life.  I was grateful because we hadn’t met in person for about 10 years even though our phones took turns ringing on both ends.

After I returned home from this visit, our decades old friendship was broken.  My emails and text didn’t get any response. I sent a card and a little gift for her big birthday a few years ago, no feedback either. I often wondered what happened.  Did I hurt her feeling during my visit?  Did I say something wrong? Did I … For years such questions and thoughts swung in my mind.  I was in disbelief, and mostly sad.  We’d always understood each other and had no secrets between us.  What hurt could I have inflicted that’s worth sacrificing decades of friendship? Over time, I learned to make peace within my heart and soul, sending healing vibes her way that she would forgive what I might have done, regardless whether I was aware of it or not.

Slowly, I came to terms with the confusion and dismay.  I continue to send good thoughts and peace to her especially when something reminds me of her and our past friendship.  I thank her, I thank the experience, and thank the lesson for it has helped me learn the meaning of letting go. For decades of friendship we had each other to call and confide in when we needed some ears – there were topics of growing up, especially related to the opposite gender that we felt more comfortable talking to a friend instead of to the grownups in our families. She had taught me the gift of having a friend in such a time, someone I could count on.  That season has passed, we are in different stages of life now.  I’m not questioning why the friendship ended. I celebrate its life. I do think fondly of what we had and continue to embrace new friendships in the making.

What friendship has helped you become a better you? Share your story and thoughts …

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