Last week, whether you are a golf fanatic or not, you must have been astounded by Tiger Woods’ victory at the Masters. Many remembered, some even glued to the scandalous breakup news he and his wife went through a decade ago.  Since then, stories of his personal and health struggles come and go.  As someone who doesn’t play golf (even though I enjoy walking the golf course especially when few are on the green), I was quite surprised to catch myself following the story of his life for the past few years, waiting to see how the aftermath would turn out.

I am not an expert in marriage and relationship. I don’t pretend to know what goes on in someone’s relationship. I knew enough to know he made a big mistake, and to some it was unforgiveable.  The marital scandal, falling from grace, losing big endorsements, coupled with a lifetime of fame can bring someone to a very deep hole.  A hole that isn’t easy to climb out of.  What interested me though, from the first time I learned of his story when he was young, Woods seemed to have been raised by great teaching and parenthood that rooted him deeply.  It created a foundation that stays solid through the darkest moments of his life. I remember hearing him say that he strayed from the values he was raised on, he realized it.  That foundation was able to sustain him from vanishing through the ethers.  I am inspired by his comeback. I admire someone who’s willing to take the road less traveled and continue plugging forward to reclaim the best of himself. I was hoping I would witness a victorious outcome from his story.  Last week I did.

Winning may be easier to go after.  A comeback, especially from the darkest part of life requires huge effort and willingness from within; it is you, and your shortcomings, you have to face every day. His tenacity and determination inspires me. I’m using this example to remind myself of the importance to have a solid foundation in life, to not lose sight of it, to make sure that guiding principle stays intact – the integrity with self.  It will help me lift myself up and step forward after a difficult time.  Watching and listening to the news these past few years, I could speculate how much work he had put into himself, setting a goal that has made him who he is now to achieve it.  It is challenging enough for most people to set a goal and commit to it.  Woods had to double his effort because he had to start from the deepest place of life. What a treasure to leave behind for his children; life lesson – a journey of growth!

The Universe is forgiving and is very supportive.  It’s generous in giving chances to those who own their mistakes, work hard and push hard to resolve their lives.  Woods’s victory is an example of that.  A lesson worth-remembering.

What life’s challenge has inspired you the most?  Share your story, or someone’s you know …

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