“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” — Rumi



What shows up in your mind when you see or hear this word? How do you feel?

Close your eyes for a moment and feel the effect of this word in your body? Its energy, its vibration. Feel it.

I was in the quiet moment this morning. I was gazing out the window, feeling grateful noticing the bare trees on the lawn across the street, knowing that they are soon full of green. The weather has been gorgeous these past two weeks for us. The temperature is growing warmer. It feels like spring already; snow is becoming invisible on the ground, the smell of awakened nature is noticeable. I can feel the energy of people is changing. It’s more alive, we’re heading out of hibernation season. I did not plan to start this blog with a low-vibration word. I did because I was awakened by the word when I listened to the local news this morning. The weatherman started his segment saying, “The lake breeze effect from yesterday is gone and we’re heading to the 40s. Unfortunately, a few clouds moving in …” I had the TV on in the background while watching our cat pushing her nose out a cracked window, I remember feeling constrictive when I heard the word. And I thought, “Interesting!” Even at a seemingly unaware situation, my body cringed when I heard the word. I guess I was subconsciously expecting a more positive word for the start of his second sentence. When the word unfortunately suddenly showed up, my energy dropped. I noticed it. I was grateful for this realization.

Just a few hours later, I took a call from someone who was looking for something. Without realizing it, instead of choosing a different word, I said, “Unfortunately, it is no longer available.” I had something else to offer her, which she agreed to. Why then did I start my response with the word unfortunate instead of saying something more positive? Habit? I could have simply started the response with, “It is no longer available, and I have another option for you …” I had an epiphany a few hours earlier, and here I am, I might have handed over an uncomfortable experience to someone else. The word seemed to burst out of my mouth uncontrollably. I was not mindful.

Words have energy. They land in someone’s ear and heart; the effect can be uplifting or plummeting. It is not just for the receiver, but also for me, the instigator.

What’s next? What can I do, from where I am, with what I have right now to start using my words more mindfully? I am setting an experiment for the next one week, starting my day with an intention to choose more expansive, uplifting, positive words when speaking with others. Intentionally. And it begins with me, when I greet myself in the mirror in the morning. Then I am going to reflect on the effect of this experiment when I am ready for bed at night.

Join me on this experiment. Journal your experience. Reach out to me, let’s chat about it — https://ingemaskun.com/contact/