I came across Dr. Joseph Michael Levry’s beautiful poem (below) on the net, and have been reciting it at the end of my regular meditation.  It is a beautiful prayer, especially suited for the time we’re currently traveling in, globally.  I take the liberty of changing the word me to us in my meditation, and use different words in addition to Love/Peace/Light, as I feel called to do so, for instance: Health, Immunity, Wellness, Wisdom, etc.  Feel free to do so accordingly.


LOVE before me

LOVE behind me

LOVE at my left

LOVE at my right

LOVE above me

LOVE below me

LOVE on to me

LOVE in my surroundings

LOVE to all


PEACE before me

PEACE behind me

PEACE at my left

PEACE at my right

PEACE above me

PEACE below me

PEACE on to me

PEACE in my surroundings

PEACE to all


LIGHT before me

LIGHT behind me

LIGHT at my left

LIGHT at my right

LIGHT above me

LIGHT below me

LIGHT on to me

LIGHT in my surroundings

LIGHT to all


I continue reciting this poem every morning. And I am inviting all of you to join me. Let’s elevate the energy of the world and allow Mother Nature to take some needed deep breaths while carrying all of us on her shoulders.

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