“Our intention creates our reality.” ― Wayne Dyer


Do you believe that your thoughts determine the results you create in life? If you do, do you wake up every morning with an intention to be, or do, or create something, and take action accordingly? Then at the end of the day, do you feel grateful for the result you created? Even if you don’t, you can still be grateful in the valuable lesson you learned from it.

I was listening to Dr. Dispenza the other day and was reminded (again) by the question in the above paragraph. I had made a commitment the first time I was made aware of this simple-yet-valuable way of life, many moons ago. But I had been inconsistent with putting it into action. Luckily, I have become more and more aware of it in recent years. Then I decided to set a simple intention every day. A few days ago, I was reminded of the powerful impact it created, by an experience a friend of mine relayed to me.

My friend has an older sister she is not close with. Deep down, she wants to be close to her sister because she is the only sibling she has, especially now that their parents are both deceased. They do not live in the same state. They hardly meet or chat on the phone, except for special occasions. Last Christmas, my friend called her sister and left a message because she did not answer. She then received a short text that said, “Can’t talk.” The text seemed dry and upsetting; no how-are-you, no thank you, no Merry Christmas. She was hurt. As far back as she could remember, her sister has always been bitter. Later she found out her sister was tested positive for Covid and had to quarantine at home. “Why couldn’t she just say so?” She asked. She felt even more conflicted, thinking she should have been more understanding.  But how could she know? The emotion lingered on and muddied her for days.

After that Christmas incident, a couple of times she reached out to her sister to check on her. Again, she felt rejected, until we discussed the possibility of creating a different result, a more pleasant one, to avoid the lingering effect on her emotions.  The point of this discussion is related to the first paragraph of this blogpost. What if she set an intention before she calls, to show she cares, regardless of her sister’s reaction or response? What if she only focuses on what she can control – which is her own emotion — and not be enrolled in the negativity of her sister? She was curious. She was totally up for this experiment. And here’s what she did …

She set an intention before she picked up the phone, she reminded herself that she was calling because she cared to learn how her sister was doing. “She’s my sister, I care for her regardless of her bitterness in life. I can’t change that. I can only make sure I am not affected by it.” Voila, just like that, her call was a success. She walked away from that call with her own emotions intact, no bruise, no anger. In fact, feeling grateful and proud of her action. She has called her sister quite consistently since, she is committed to it. Every time, she manages to detach her emotion from her sister’s reaction. I was elated to hear her result. I was proud of her curiosity and willingness to experiment in the interest of creating a favorable result.

Isn’t this an easy, simple, yet valuable experiment to try? One caveat, it is also easy and simple not to do. Be aware of that. I guarantee you it is worth experiencing. Commit to do it, at least once. I invite you to experiment with one challenge that seems to repeat itself in your life. Be curious, in the interest of creating a different result. Let me know how it turns out. I am curious, but certain, once you’re successful in doing it you’ll be addicted to continue experimenting with other challenges in life.


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