The Lesson I Learned.


When I started doing yoga more than a decade ago, my sole intention was to have a dialog, a date, with my being. I noticed I was craving something out of everyday life.


Here’s the first takeaway I gained from it. At the beginning, the first two-three weeks of immersing myself into this slow dance with my whole being, everything seemed challenging. I noticed the tightness of the muscles, the soreness afterward. Everyone who has started something new, relays a similar response. I decided to only focus on that day – to explore. Then committed to return the next day. Day by day, I reminded myself of the sole intention I had, the reason I was doing it.


Then weeks into it, I noticed how much easier it became. I could move and balance better. I could flow more easily as I followed the instructor’s guidance. In fact, I could do it almost automatically that my mind started going elsewhere instead of being present with what I was doing. Just as I did so, I heard the intructor’s voice, “If you notice your mind is going elsewhere instead of being present with what you’re doing, it’s time to up the challenge.” That was an insightful moment for me.


We are creatures of automation. Everyone knows this. I did, too. I just didn’t know the power of knowing it. What I learned from this experience was that my body, my being, always reminds me to grow, to expand, to explore new challenges. Once I do things automatically, I don’t gain anything new anymore from it. The subconscious mind takes over and runs my life without my being present in it. It’s automatic. Nothing is wrong with that, it’s just no more growth there. It’s moving, but it’s not progressing.


All of us humans experience this, every day. I do still, but I now become more aware of it, and  I am able to recalibrate it. Boredom isn’t bad. It is a sign, a reminder that it’s time to expand. I’d love to hear your take on this. Share your experience with me.


What’s the message your being shares to you today? What do you notice?