For a while, I was the person that argued with this phrase when I first heard someone say it. “Do you live in a bubble? Don’t you know what’s going on in the world around us?”


Notice the thought. Notice the feelings that surface. Notice the vibration of those feelings.

Could it be possible that you have been so drawn to what’s going on around you — what you hear in the news, what you experience with your own eyes, what you read, what your friends share with you – that more of the same becomes obvious to you?


English isn’t my first language.

Years ago, I was on a sabbatical year in New York City, and I applied to a journalism program at NYU. A gentleman from the admission office who interviewed me suggested that I apply to a non-journalism program first, then later pursue a degree in journalism. The reason was, the gentleman said, “To be a good writer, you must walk, talk, write, think, feel, dream, … in English.” I returned to my home country feeling defeated. I took that statement to mean ‘I would never be good in English, let alone be a writer in English’.


Did you catch the meaning I gave to what the gentleman said?

Did you notice what I claimed for myself?

Did you see how I amplified the effect of one statement, and made it worse?


The power of the mind to create stories is enormously amazing. True or untrue. Good or bad. Pleasurable or painful. Our mind is a magnet. What we think, we attract.


If you give meaning to something as bad, that’s what you (subconsciously) are broadcasting. It takes the same energy to broadcast bad or good thoughts. Why not choose the latter? The universe responds generously to what you broadcast. If the response you receive is the opposite of what you love, tweak your thoughts.


Years later, I found the teaching, the system, and the tools that helped me align my thoughts toward what I truly desired and brought me joy, things fell into place. I finished writing a book, in English, in four months, and made it available through Amazon. What changed? My thoughts. I am now gratefully sharing the teaching with those who long to create the life they’d love to live and enjoy. I am certified to guide them to create their dream and the results they love.

I invite you to experiment. Trigger your thoughts to only broadcast what you love, what you truly desire to be, achieve, create, share, serve …


“Today is a wonderfully fulfilling day.”

Yes, it is, because you say so, you believe so. And so it is.