A friend shared Grant Cardone’s video with me some time ago.

Here’s the gist of what he shared with two people, “If I gave you both a million dollars cash, how would you feel?” The answers were, “I’d be extremely grateful.” He followed up, “Would anybody be able to get you in a bad mood for a little while?” Answer, “Absolutely not!”


Then he said, “If I said I gave you $10 million, but you couldn’t wake up tomorrow, you’re done. Would you take it?” The answer was, “Absolutely not!” Then he said, “So both of you are saying that just waking up tomorrow is worth more than $10 million dollars?” The answer, “Yes, it is!” And here’s the punch line, “The why aren’t you feeling that way every time you wake up?”


It’s interesting to notice, and be aware of, not just about what answer you decide, but most importantly, what action you take once you decide.


I shared this video with some people, and the majority chose life. A few chose money, then felt unsettled about it. Notice how our thoughts dictate what’s good/bad, right/wrong in our life.


Decision-making can be challenging, especially on things that matter to us. Our decisions determine our life. Procrastination and perfection are the two challenges that stop most people from deciding and moving forward. I’m included, and still catch myself being indecisive at times. It is normal, it’s part of life. Once we’re aware of it, though, decisions must be made. Because waiting is … (fill in the blank).


Notice what decision you’re not yet making, up until now?

What reasons delay this decision?

If all those reasons are taken care of, what results would you enjoy?

Notice where you focus is – the reasons or the results?