“Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.” ―  Jon Bon Jovi


I am grateful and happy life allows me to experience the resilience, to see evidence of what humans are, the power that each of us has. I am grateful people show up in my path to, again and again, display this experience for me to witness, even though the person may not realize it at the time. I am grateful because recently, I had, once again, a mind-opening experience through a story a friend shared with me.

Some fifteen years ago, my friend was diagnosed with cancer. She has a son, who was then six years old. She decided she did not want her son to be raised by others. “I am his mom. I want him to know, experience, feel the presence of a mom. I will never, ever, let others take over my role as his mom.” That was her medicine, that was the power that helped her conquer the enemy. She spent every moment she could to be with her son since she made that decision. They did things together, watched television until the wee hour of the morning, they discussed things like two adults did. Those precious moments had sealed her relationship with her son, and her husband, into one she would not have traded for anything else in the world. “If I had to go through cancer one more time, I’d do it again because of what I had gained in my life. I feel more alive. I treasure life after that experience.” This last sentence shifted me big time. It helped me embrace how precious life is that someone would be willing to go through the worse part of life, to gain and embrace life.

Three things I took away from that afternoon visit with my friend.

One. We, humans, are much more capable than we realize. We usually say, ‘We’re only human’. These words insinuate a feeling tone as if we are not responsible for what happens. “What can I do? I’m only human.” Surrendering before fully allowing the power within us to take action.

Miracles do happen (you are one of them). In the past, I often thought of them as only happening through or with other people, not me. I thought only matters of life-and-death could be considered as miracles. I was only looking at big and profound things. I overlook the blessings that show up in my life, every day. I was not grateful for the little blessings I receive daily. This simple thing, being grateful, is the start of miracles. The vibration of gratitude is harmonious with abundance. The more we raise gratitude, the more miracles, and abundance, we experience.

Two. My friend’s story proved to me the power of decision. She decided that only she would raise her one-and-only son. She was firm on this decision. And everything came to place to support her decision.

More often than not, when things do not flow accordingly, it is because the asker is wishy washy, indecisive. The Universe, the Higher Power (whatever you want to call the invisible power), cannot grant something that is not specific. You must truly want it. Imagine you are in front an ice cream counter placing an order. You have got to be specific and decisive after looking at the menu board. You cannot be umming and ahing. You will be asked to step aside until you know what you want to order. In what other parts of life does this example show up for you? How many times have you been asked to step aside? Decide, and it will be granted for you. This, or something even greater still.

Three. A miracle is a highly improbable or extraordinary event, the online dictionary says. Out of the blue, it just shows up, it is here. We do not know how it manifests. As humans, we are programmed by life to want to know everything — how things evolve, how things happen. This is where the problem lies. Because we want to know everything, miracles do not seem to occur frequently. Think about it. Is it possible you have overlooked the many miracles that happened in your life? It is, because your perception about miracles probably is locked in a certain way. If you shift it, just a bit, you will see things from a totally different point of view. That is when magic happens. Guaranteed. Start counting.

When I finally got this concept, I really embodied it. I experiment with it, and I start to manifest what I want. Now I make it my mission to guide others to do the same. Miracles do happen, as often as you want – just decide what you want, do not dwell on the how.

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