Have you had the experience where you reach a moment that makes you say, “A-Ha!” I believe Oprah was the one who coined the phrase ‘A-Ha Moment’. I’m sure you have a few of those under your belt.  That moment represents something that clicks in you, and you say, “I got it!” Do you remember how you felt when you arrived at that moment? Suddenly, a door is wide open, you have arrived, and your horizon has widened. How do you describe such moments when ‘you got it’? To me, it’s exhilarating, and I usually say in my mind, “I want more of this!” I recently had such a moment (again), it’s related to something I just discovered, it’s about Feng Shui.  Since Chinese New Year is here, I thought I’d share it with you.

I have heard and known of Feng Shui for a long time.  I usually hear it in relation to a dwelling place or business – buying/renting or decorating it. I’ve learned that we should avoid living in a house that’s perpendicular to a street. The land for a house is better to be wider in the back instead of the other way around, to let prosperity stick within. Not to have your back to a window or door when you work, and so on.  Due to my upbringing as a Christian, I avoided going deeper into it.  I knew enough to follow the common beliefs, that’s about it. Many people, including my family, refers to it as being superstitious, yet many follow these beliefs when it comes to their homes or business environment.  I remember accompanying a friend to see a Feng Shui master when I was in college.  I felt so guilty afterward, just from accompanying her so she could get a reading from this master. I didn’t even get one because I felt I was betraying my religion.

Three months ago, I reconnected with a friend, who shared her knowledge about Feng Shui. Through her nurturing guidance and ability to explain it, I realized there was so much more about Feng Shui that I didn’t know.  In fact, misinterpreted.  What I knew back then was only the tip of the iceberg, I made judgment based on that, and distanced myself from it because of fear to be labelled as superstitious, defected Christian. The quantum theory followers believe that everything is energy.  We are, too. Since moving to Minnesota, I regularly tune in to the weather forecast, especially in the wintertime. Reason being, I want to be well-equipped when I leave the house and be prepared for what may come. Are weather forecasts set in stone? Of course not. We often laugh at the weatherman especially when the prediction didn’t manifest.  Weathermen are human, they’re not God, but they have gone through some schooling, and over time gather experience as well. They predict the weather based on scientific data; analyzing the wind movement, what’s going on in the atmosphere, and many other things before they come to a prediction.  Most importantly, they help people to get prepared. In Indonesia there’s a saying, “Prepare an umbrella before the rain.”  It’s better being well-prepared instead of under-prepared, especially when it comes to Mother Nature.  The same goes with warnings about even bigger disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and so on.

That was my recent A-Ha moment about Feng Shui. I learned that judgment based on limited information has denied me opportunities to learn about something that can be beneficial to me. Learning something new always expands my mind, helps me see possibilities which otherwise confines me in the same place of comfort and familiarity. I arrived on this planet, through my family, and was equipped with a wonderful gift called the brain. I should use it to expand my mind to the fullest. This time, I’m glad I did.  I’m still a Christian, who’s now opening myself to become more knowledgeable about another tool in life, called Feng Shui. I can use this tool to enjoy life, be watchful of something that may not be of benefit to me, and better myself as a citizen of the Universe. What our mind can learn is abundantly unlimited, when the heart is willing to flow, things show up. An A-Ha moment happens.

In case you’re curious about Feng Shui, my friend Veronica is graciously allowing me to share her website – https://www.lspfengshui.com/9steps4lastingsuccess

She even offers a 30-minute free discovery session, which you can access through her site.  Enjoy it! You have nothing to lose, only more knowledge.

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