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Inge Maskun

There was a six-year-old girl, who lost her mom, two days after she gave birth to a baby brother. Eleven months later, this baby brother died due to bronchitis, and around the same time she moved to a different city to be raised by her aunt, separating her from her dad. Within a year, three big changes hit her little world – losing a mom, a baby brother, and being separated from her dad.

She grew up becoming a controlling person. She planned her day thoroughly. She knew what she was going to wear the next day before she went to sleep the night before. She had a to-do list of what she needed to accomplish, and she stuck to it. She wrote down what she spent her money on every day. She tallied it every month. At the end of the year, she knew exactly how much she spent and on what.

She had a logbook of her period every month; the date it started, how many days, and the date it ended. She even scheduled her vacation just like that – when to wake up, where and when to go, when to eat, and so forth. People must have thought she was crazy, but she felt accomplish being able to do things in an orderly manner.

She was an accomplished employee; her boss liked her because she got things done. But some things had to suffer with such behavior. First, the relationship with people that were close to her suffered, her controlling manner impacted their lives, too. Second, she missed out on many pleasantly surprising moments in life because she was always rushing from one thing to another. She was stressed when things didn’t go according to her plan. And the stress lasted.

Can you relate to this story?

This was my story. I was that little girl.

I became a controlling person because the changes that impacted my little life rushed to me without notice, without explanation. It was beyond my control, and I was unwillingly participating in all of them. I was emotionally determined not to be caught off guard again. And the controlling lifestyle found a ground for me to nurture.

I moved to Minnesota in 2002 and eventually became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach; working with adults who are overwhelmed and stressed – parents of young children, who are torn between places on a daily basis — work, children’s school and activities, family. Well paid employees who are overwhelmed with work tasks and responsibilities. And those who travel through life as lost souls.

Do you see similarities between these two scenarios, of different continents? Both reflect over-stressed minds and malnourished souls. Through partnering with these participants, I learned the importance of Living an Inspired Life. The value of having a cause larger than oneself, that pulls you forward, regardless. That’s fuel in the tank, the nourishment for the soul – your Passion!

The Living Your Inspired Life Class was created to guide you to discover your Passions and manifest them, through a unique process that awakens a burning desire within each and every one of you. Come and join me, let your burning desire make a difference in your life, which will then impact the lives of those around you. The world is waiting for you to fill that spot while fulfilling your calling in the process.

Yours for saying YES to Living Your Inspired Life,

Inge Maskun
Your Transformative Guide

Certified Passion Test Facilitator. Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

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