Living Your Inspired Life Online Course
  • Why don’t I feel energized to do anything?

  • Why am I restless, especially at night, when I’m in bed?

  • Why am I easily irritated for no specific reason?

  • Why do I feel the need to always defend myself?

You may be experiencing the Signs of a Disconnection from Your Life.

If you ignore it, these symptoms will grow bigger and show up more often in your daily life …

  • Feeling weighed down by tasks and obligations that don’t seem to go away

  • Feeling unfulfilled even though you perform well at work

  • Life seems to be boring and lacks excitement

  • Unable to laugh out loud like you used to be

  • Relationships with loved ones becoming mundane

Living Your Inspired Life Coaching Course


Is there more to Life?

Unclear about the steps to take and how to start?

I have a solution!

First, let me share my story…

My career was smoothly moving upward after I graduated from college, it was in line with my major and what I loved doing — writing. I couldn’t ask for a better deal. I was excited and I wholeheartedly immersed myself in a promising advertising career. Five years into it, I was burnt out, I took off on a year sabbatical. Upon returning home, I went back into the same industry in a different capacity. Halfway into this second tour of duty, I again started feeling the symptoms of unalignment, unsettling motions of monotony, and the same experience repeated itself. The awards and acknowledgments I gained couldn’t calm my erratic lifestyle. Yet, I didn’t dare to quit because the career gave me security and stability. I toughed it up in hopes things would change. The longer I waited, the deeper I buried myself into daily tasks and responsibilities. Soon enough I was paralyzed by fear and self-doubt, I had invested all my time in a career. I couldn’t see myself exploring other paths of opportunity. I told myself, “I don’t have time to start learning something new. I’m too old to change career path.”

I felt trapped. I was short-tempered, impatient, and judgmental. Vacations and occasional days off couldn’t fully recharge my depleted energy. I was tired, yet I couldn’t sleep. I had almost everything in life, yet I felt lifeless. I was emotionally malnourished.

“How did I get here? What got me into this vicious cycle?”

That’s when I knew I had to do something.

My best friend introduced me to a self-improvement program. I was awakened by my own nightmare and was thrilled to realize I could change gear. The program opened the door and took me to a new stage of awareness. As the momentum grew, I turned my life around toward a more fulfilling path.

Then one day, I learned about a study that had been done in the 1980s, on a 100 of the most influential, financially successful, and fulfilled individuals in the United States. The study found that these people had one thing in common. All of them were living their Top-5 Passions!

Do you know what your Passions are? Do you know how to discover them?

You’ve come to the Right Place.

You were brought into this world with unique gifts and talents only you possess. When they’re combined with your Passions, you become unstoppable. The decision you’re about to make will not only transform your life but will also create an impact that benefits the world around you.

Right here and now. You can start Living Your Inspired Life.

This Class is the key to your transformation!

In just five weeks, with a community of like-minded people, this class will help you find your passions, identify milestones, and witness each passion – or something better -manifest in your life. Then together, our energy multiplies, and we have the power to create breakthroughs and change the world for the better.

Start Embracing the Transformation that Comes Your Way.

  • Having clarity on your life’s calling is.

  • Energized about life, new ideas, and possibilities

  • Feeling of peace, joy and creativity

  • Passionately embracing your responsibilities, tasks, and commitments.

  • Becoming a positive difference for others to follow.

  • Generously willing to help and collaborate with others to spread love and success


#1 – Preparing your Inner Self
Identifying your inner strengths and wisdom, getting clear on what lights you up in a fun, meaningful, and fulfilling way.

#2 – Discovering your Passions
What you’ll discover may stun you. Get ready for a magical journey. It’ll excite you beyond your imagination.

#3 – Getting Clarity on your Milestones
Declaring your dream and letting the Universe align its support for you to reach the life you want to live.

#4 – Spreading your Wings
Unveiling the secrets to Living Your Inspired Life that keep you on course.

#5 – Celebrating each Win with Joy
Embracing and acknowledging each step you take is key. Let the community celebrate with you and receive support to continue onward.



Turn your Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary One.

  • 5-Live Weekly Group Session @2 hours – that guides you through real-life stories, examples, exercises that help you see life from a different point of view, and inspire you to move forward on your path.

  • 5-Weekly Home-play – that encourages you to take simple and actionable steps and helps you create the outcome you’ve never thought possible for you. In the process, you will learn a lot about your own strengths and talents

  • Weekly Tips for staying on course and manifest your goals.

  • Online Community (a private Facebook group) – a safe place to share your story, goals, challenges, and celebrations, as well as get support from me and the community of likeminded members of the course. This private group can only be accessed by those in the class.

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