“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Many times, I looked at the sapphire-blue pleated skirt I brought from Indonesia when I moved to Minnesota, 19 years ago this April. I had it made, I selected the fabrics and I designed it myself to then be tailored by someone. I love this skirt. But for almost 19 years, I have yet to have worn it, until last Sunday. “The reason for waiting?” you may ask. I was waiting for the right moment, the right occasion, the right … I could blurt out many right-moments and they would all be valid reasons.

A few years ago, I found the time to wear it, but I could not fit into it. My hips had become more abundant. Thus, the skirt was too tight for me. I remember imagining myself in this skirt for a specific occasion. When the occasion arrived, I did not fit into it. I put it aside and made a promise to myself that I would work on losing some weight so I could wear it. The skirt went back into becoming a beautiful hanging ornament in the closet. I did move it to the area of the closet where I could see it often, to remind me.  The past year, with the pandemic ravaging the world, the chances to dress up were diminished, many special occasions were cancelled.

Last Sunday morning, I reached for this skirt, and it fit. I felt great. “What was the occasion?” you may ask, which was what my husband asked me when he saw me dress up in this skirt. Last weekend, I attended a virtual DreamBuilder Live event. And last Sunday was the final day. How many people would see me in this beautiful skirt?  Only me, and my husband, who commented and said, “Is that new? It must be a special occasion today.” To which I responded, “Yes, it is. This is my day, this is my time, I am flying with a new commitment to not wait until the right moment arrives to feel good about myself.” Wearing the skirt was my way of renewing my promise to myself. Enough waiting for the right time, the right occasion. No more waiting until I have the right resources to support me, to live the life I love living. That life is not going to show up in front of me unless I show up for it. I deserve a special moment, the right moment to be me, to feel good, to feel deserving for the occasion. “It is special when I decide it is.”

I stopped in my path for a moment after I said it, and realized … If I had thought this way about a skirt, waiting for 19 years to claim that special moment to wear it, in what other areas of life did this ‘waiting for the right moment’ show up?  Was I waiting for the right moment to become successful in my business? Was I waiting to claim my spot as a transformative life coach until I am successful enough? Was I waiting to be perfect, to be ready, to be enough, before I step into that spot? I was. I was waiting for 13 years because I thought I had to have another degree, enough resources, enough experiences, enough clients to say, ‘I am a successful coach’. So much so that I minimized and forgot the feedback my clients have shared with me, and the many transformative results I witnessed the past six years since I started coaching. Is there anything else I have been waiting for the right moment to appear? What will this wait cost me? What will I miss because of it?

No more waiting.

I was overcome with joy and gratitude that I fully realized it last Sunday morning, when I claimed my place in the sapphire-blue skirt. I decided the day was a special day, a special occasion. I am a DreamBuilder Coach. I drew the line in the sand of my life last Sunday that every day is the right moment to create the life I love living. That day I wore the skirt I had been admiring while it was hanging in my closet. I ignited that special moment last Sunday. Now here I am …

How can you expect to create something greater if you are not brave enough to do something you have never done before? The first step may be the most challenging one, but it is also an important step. Otherwise, you will never be ready enough. Isn’t it liberating and relieving to gain a moment of clarity, an AHA moment? (a term I believe was coined by Oprah). That moment sank in in me last Sunday morning because I made it happen.

What AHA moment has propelled you to a higher version of yourself?  Share it with me. If you are curious about the tools to make your dreams a reality, to live the life you love living, reach out to me. You can create that moment right now, that special moment, the life you love and are inspired to live … let’s create it today, every day. Each day of your life is special and worth living. One caveat – you cannot wait for it to happen, you’ve got to create it in the absence of feeling ready, perfect, and right. Let’s start creating it.

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