Yesterday, I spent almost two hours watching a powerfully moving documentary, “The Need to Grow”, executive produced by Ocean Robbins, co-founder of Food Revolution Network. At the end of it, I felt I’d invested my time wisely on this rainy-snowy day. It moved me and got me thinking. Robbins felt the urgency to spread this important message to as many people around the world prior to its limited theatrical release. “The world needs to see it NOW!,” he said. The goal is to have 100,000 people around the world to watch it, he made the film available for a free screening until Oct/15.  I encourage you to watch it (link below). Gather your family and friends to watch it together. Share the link with your own network, become a part of it.

Some of us may think that it is too late to take action.  “What’s the point of doing something when the majority isn’t doing anything?” Others chime in, “Life goes on no matter what, I’ll be dead before things get worse.”  I get that. I get that some of us feel alone. I get that some of us don’t want to rock the boat, some of us feel hopeless facing the powerful giants. But remember, a consistent drip of water can break a rock. A determined mind and soul on fire can melt those close to it.  Together, we can inch forward, linking hands around the globe. And together, we can leave behind a legacy that lives on for the greater good of generations to come.

This film shares a story of three people from different backgrounds that crossed paths because of one common purpose, in pursuit of making a difference and saving the one and only home we have on this life, our Earth. Triggered by their personal experiences, they took action and determined to accomplish a mission, regardless.  This is not only a film about the environment, the effect of climate change, and the livelihood of humanity, it is also a film of humans’ passions and their determination to honor a calling. This isn’t just about growing food, maintaining our natural resources, and the ecosystem.  This, in its deeper existence, is an invitation for us, citizens of this planet, to look deeper into our thoughts, actions, values, behaviors and attitudes, and how each shows up in our everyday lives.

The three individuals in this film have great passion, and they took action in favor of that passion. Others have followed suit. We can, too. Let’s not just go through life. Let’s grow through it and make from it, while we’re still breathing. This is for us, in honor of our life and the legacy we leave behind.

Only a few more days left to watch this moving documentary for free. Here’s to making a difference and living your inspired life. Here’s the link —

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