A client shared this story with me.
At the time, she was a single mother with three children. She had a good-paying job, loved her job and the clients she served, but she felt the working environment was becoming toxic. She had thought about quitting several times. She hadn’t fully decided to leave for fear she couldn’t land a job soon enough, and that might affect her children’s wellbeing.

Her story most probably be different from yours. Yet most of us have been trapped in a situation like hers because of solid reasons. We end up compromising and accepting what we have, where we are, and not rocking the boat, the comfort zone.

What can you decide in the presence of unpleasant situations?
Notice what you’re noticing. Whatever decision you make will create risks, or rewards. It can be challenging when you decide based on current conditions because you’re in it. Decide on what feels life-giving to you. Stretch your mind, and imagine what you’d be, have, become, when all the challenges are worked out – that’s what you decide on.

To have a new environment that you love, you must first create it in your mind, as the vision of the life you love to live and enjoy. This client found a job within a month; with better pay and a supportive environment. To top it off, she got to enjoy a vacation with her children before she started in the new place.

Notice what decision you’re not yet making, up until now?
What reasons delayed this decision?
If all those reasons are taken care of, what results would you enjoy? Notice where you focus is – the reasons or the results?

You can only make decision now, in the present time. You can’t do it in the past, nor in the future. Just do it!