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Imagine … you’re in the middle of a dessert, a dream car is in front of you, the key is in it.

You’re so excited having the possibility of going places with it. And then you realize, the car doesn’t have fuel in the tank.

In a way, this can be a scenario of life.

You have given a healthy body that’s ready and able to do many things in life (the car). You’re equipped with a healthy mind that’s excited to explore the world (the driver). Unfortunately, your soul is empty (the fuel). What good can a dream car and a healthy driver do when there’s no fuel in the car, in the middle of a life dessert?

That’s what Passion is to a person.

Passion nourishes the soul. It ensures you good fuel in your whole being that takes you to a destination — the life you want to create.

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Inge Maskun
“Passion to a person is what gas is to a car.
Without it, you won’t go anywhere!”

Alex Haditaghi