I attended a mind-opening and insightful workshop. There were eleven of us in this intimate setting. We came from different countries and cultural backgrounds with life stories that were powerful and moving. One common thing I noticed was that each of us had experienced some challenges in life; some were worse and more painful than the others. Interestingly, the ones with the worse experiences were the ones who turned around and created the biggest successes.


Valuable revelation!


One story was about someone who came to a dead end. He was so dissatisfied and felt he had enough of it all. He worked long hours, was making money, yet feeling unfulfilled as a parent and a husband.  During that trying time, his company asked him to attend a seminar in a different city. At this seminar, he sat next to a gentleman who gave him a book he had written. That book changed his life, and for the next 18 months, this gentleman became his mentor.


Another story was from a lady who had experienced a traumatic episode, she was abused. For years she endured awful moments, and at one point she felt that killing herself was her only way out. Then one night she was awakened by her own dream, she felt she was saved by a power she couldn’t explain. She ran away from the abuse, started new on her own, and finally became a coach for abused women. She just celebrated her 50th year of freedom.


My mentor, Mary Morrissey, says, “Challenges and failures are not stop signs, they are qualifiers.” They may be uncomfortable, frustrating, and disheartening experiences to go through. Yet they’re pregnant with great insights that allow us to become a greater version of ourselves.


Your past does not dictate your future. What past experience has the greatest lesson that has helped you become the person you are now?


Start writing down all the wins you create in your daily life – insights, wisdom, synchronicities you come across. Celebrate life – gratefully and proud-fully. You are Power!