The United States of America is celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday; one of the holidays that brings people, especially families, together — sharing deep gratitude and thanksgiving.  It surely will be a uniquely different experience this year for many. A perfect time to reflect and truly count our blessings for what we have, what we’re able to do, share, and receive.  Solitude gives me the opportunity to make a list of the small things I tend to overlook in every day’s life due to the situations, conditions, and circumstances I am in.

It was about ten years ago on a quite winter morning. I was bending over forward doing yoga, touching the ground, when tears started to well up in my eyes as I stared at my feet. I was overwhelmed with gratitude realizing what my feet had done for me, all my life.  I use them to walk, run, skip, jump, push … endless! Such a valuable contribution they have made all along.  Not only that I rarely see them when they are at work, but I also never acknowledge their fabulous function.  My breath is another. It is so automatic that I hardly noticed it until I started embracing meditation.  There is a power that allows all parts of my being working in harmony like an orchestra, it is magical.  I am grateful for all of them. And for the many magical happenings around me that add color into my life.

This year, an event has helped me gain a deeper gratitude. I was able to gain so much more awareness and expansion of my deeper self because of it.  Last May, my husband was presented with a news no family wants to hear. It was a shock.  It stopped me at that moment and for one night my mind was busy with thoughts.  Then I realized when I woke up the next morning that I slept quite well. I didn’t have any lingering negative thoughts.  I was calm.  I knew the news had a different effect for my husband, even though I didn’t detect any emotional commotion that was extra worrying for me.  The next day, we sat down together, and I asked him to share all the things he was worried about. I took notes of the conversation.  I squeezed as much out of him until I felt there was nothing left.  I knew it because his whole posture changed when he acknowledged all his worries, let them off his chest, and handed them over to the Infinite Field.  The rest of the journey was calm and smooth, it was miraculous.

We were grateful to be in such an experience of knowing, there’s a far greater power taking over the course of our journey, and we are a part of that power.  I felt the shift.  It is a shift to a higher awareness of self, of believing and knowing, of deep gratitude. That’s a valuable gift I forever treasure. I am grateful for it and in it, for my husband and I have passed another milestone of growth and expansion in life — in partnership, love, and commitment.  I love my life!

As we are being calibrated into a new stage of awareness and growth this holiday season, let’s surrender our soul to the powerful vibration of gratitude.  Let’s embrace the blessing of the now, and consider this question: “What growth can I discover from where I am, with what I have, at this moment?”


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