Last week, my husband and I went to the Saturday Jazz @the Depot. As I was enjoying the great music of Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, and the like, my eyes couldn’t help but follow a young boy through the venue, stopping at almost every table. He had a bright smile on his face.

Young Miles (named after the legendary Miles Davis) is such an industrious busboy who serves with joy. After the event ended, I approached him, and we chatted a bit. “I do,” he answered when I inquired if he played a trumpet, noticing his name tag. He has picked up the instrument and practiced to be as good as his idol, if not greater (You go, Miles 😊).

Someone chimed in hearing Miles’ responses, “Oooh, when you’re young, you can do anything.”

Humans tend to put limits on themselves. When the negative self-talk is repeated in the mind, it becomes a belief – “I am not young enough, not smart enough, not brave enough …” Before long, that’s the reality they live in, putting a brake on their dreams.

Miles not only practices playing the instrument, but he also volunteers his time every Saturday so he can align himself with the vibration of the music he loves. He surrounds himself with the band players and the people who love the music.

Dreams do come true when you’re true to them.
What step can you take from where you are with what you have, today, to serve your dream?