“Ask, and you shall receive.” 


I grew up hearing this saying from many people around me. It sounded so easy, almost automatic. For a period of time in my life, I was frustrated because this saying didn’t deliver its promise. I asked, and asked, nothing showed up. Then, I learned that the quality of my question determines the quality of the answer. And, not only must I learn how to ask, I must also learn how to receive. The light went off in my mind. This is the formula for manifesting a vision of something I love. Simple enough?


Imagine you order your favorite latte from a neighborhood cafe. You step in front of the counter, place your order, and pay for it. Technically, this latte is already yours. You already paid for it. You expect it to be a latte, you have the knowingness that it is. While waiting, do you go behind the counter and dictate the barista how to make it? Hardly ever. When your latte is ready, you step up, pick it up, and enjoy it.


Interestingly enough, we don’t apply this formula when it comes to manifesting our vision. Have you ever asked the Infinite, prayed, declared your intention and vision, then got frustrated because nothing happened as a result? I have, until …


Let’s break this down. 1). Notice a conflict between the intention and the attention – what I want and what I focus on. Example: I want money to come generously to me. Yet, I often say, “Money isn’t that important to me. I don’t need to be rich.” 2). Not specific. “I want a lot of money.” How much is a lot? $20 is a lot to someone who only has $1. 3). There’s action required to manifest something. “I want to create $5K by the end of the month.” Who should I become and what action should I take to manifest it? Even creating a passive income requires some action.  4). There are many ways for this $5K to manifest. If I get fixated on just one predictable way, I will overlook other ways and miss taking action to receive it.


Be a positive expectant, become ready to receive, be grateful and assume the feeling of enjoying the result even before it happens. Most importantly, don’t get in the way of how the Infinite works. If your result is unlike what you expected, look back at the steps you took.

Curious for more clarity? Reach out to me. Let’s create and manifest your vision.