For the past few years, I have been working with a chiropractor I really like. I like her because she does not only fix the issue, but she also explains it in ways I can understand. She educates me. She comes from an attitude of possibility.  (I switched to her because the previous one I worked with used warnings, fear, a little too often).  Overtime, I developed a deep trust for this new chiropractor, and I started noticing something interesting.  Shortly after making an appointment to see her, even though the appointment was not for one or two days later, the pain/issue noticeably lessened, or was gone.  At one point I thought, “Maybe I should cancel the appointment, I don’t have the issue anymore.”  But I never did, I always went and kept my appointment.

After this phenomenon repeated itself a few times, I shared the experience with her. Her comment was, “Looks like when you know helps is coming, you feel better.”


One day, I was scrambling for ideas while feeling challenged, I cruised the internet reading quotes, I came across Dr. Anthony’s quote, “Act as if …”  (Seek, and you shall find. Ha!).  The idea is, while the things are being arranged, worked on, fixed, I can already embrace the result I want; envision it, feel it, smell, hear, touch it as if it is already here in front of me. And it is.  The belief that solution is out there, on its way, really brings me to it.


If I get absorbed in the how, thinking and planning, busy with what I can and cannot do, I get stuck. The minute I shift my attention to the result I imagine having, the process starts rolling. The law of attraction is in action, ideas shows up one by one offering solutions.  I remind myself now to let go and delegate the how to those who are experts in their field.  In the case of my chiropractor, I trust her, I believe she can help me and fix my issue.  I exchange her expertise with my payment, why then do I get in the way?  She already went through years of study and practice to help fix my issue.  Why hire an expert, spend money, and then do his/her job?  Step away, let the expert do magic.


The same goes with the Higher Power, the Universe, the Almighty, God (whatever term you use to describe that one power). Trust the outcome, believe in it, and it is yours.


One tool to consider, which brings me to the outcome faster.  I remember, when I was about 4-5 years old, I went to sleep on Christmas Eve smiling, imagining what was inside those beautifully wrapped boxes under the trees, those with my name on them.  I did not know what they were, but I knew and believed they were good. I was waiting with excitement.  I can still remember the moment, the vibration it created in me.  I retrieve this recorded moment when I am waiting for an outcome, when I look for a solution, when I need to know the how.  I relive the moment. I expect good things unveiling themselves. I imagine help is on its way. The willingness to surrender to what is coming, that is good, really does magic on me.  Call it a miracle. It does happen, as often as you want it.


I invite you to experiment with it.  Choose the moment you remember, one that awakens your every cell.  You know the feeling.  Let me know what you learn from it.


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